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You can easily get a shiny new electronic certificate by simply downloading and filling out this form.
An electronic certificate replacement costs £15 each. Please forward the filled out form to lois@thequalificationhub.com.

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Learner FAQ's

Initially, learners should seek a replacement from their respective training centres. However, if this option isn’t viable, you can secure a replacement certificate from The Qualification Hub by downloading and filling out the Replacement Certificate Request Form.

Each eCertificate replacement is priced at £15 plus VAT. Please get in touch with us.

We accept card payments. Once The Qualification Hub conducts the necessary verifications, our Accounts department will reach out to you using the phone number provided on the request form.

Expect your replacement certificate to be dispatched within five business days.

The responsibility for claiming certificates rests with the approved centre, namely the training organisation that facilitated your course. Once learners’ assessments are finalised and, if required, their achievements have undergone quality assurance, the centre should claim the certificates from The Qualification Hub.

Upon successful certificate claims, The Qualification Hub processes them within five working days, making the eCertificates accessible for the centre to download.

The centre then has the duty to issue these eCertificates to the learners. If you haven’t yet received your eCertificate, please contact the training organisation where you undertook your course.

The Qualification Hub is an acknowledged awarding organisation in Northern Ireland. It doesn’t directly offer training courses. Instead, it boasts a network of approved centres that deliver its qualifications. If you’re interested in enrolling, it’s best to approach one of these approved centres directly.

An approved centre is a training organisation, which could be a college, school, university, commercial training provider, or work-based entity, that has earned the endorsement of The Qualification Hub to offer its qualifications.

This endorsement process is crafted to provide learners with confidence that The Qualification Hub is content with the organisation’s capabilities in terms of staff, systems, and procedures, ensuring a robust and quality learning journey.

The Qualification Hub actively monitors and supports these approved centres to guarantee the consistent upkeep of the requisite standards.

Our course fees are uniquely determined by each accredited training provider, ensuring you receive competitive and fair pricing that reflects the value and quality of your educational experience. Choose the path that best suits your needs and budget, all within TQH’s trusted network of providers.

The cost of courses affiliated with The Qualification Hub varies. Importantly, The Qualification Hub itself does not set or mandate pricing for the courses. Instead, each recognised centre – the training organisation delivering the course – independently determines its own fee structure. As a result, pricing can differ based on the centre, the location, the resources they provide, and other factors. If you’re interested in a specific course, it’s recommended to contact the respective approved centre directly for precise fee information.

The Qualification Hub qualifications are positioned on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and are co-regulated by England’s regulator, CCEA Regulations (including Northern Ireland), and Qualifications Wales.

The Qualification Hub’s qualifications hold substantial recognition both within the UK and internationally, owing to their alignment with several key frameworks.

Key Points:

  • Positioning on RQF: The Qualification Hub qualifications are situated on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).
  • Regulation: They are co-regulated by England’s regulator, CCEA Regulations (including Northern Ireland), and Qualifications Wales.
  • UK Recognition: These qualifications are acknowledged in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • Scotland’s Stance: While not directly listed on Scotland’s SCQF, the qualifications are respected by Scottish learners, institutions, and employers. Many Scottish centres choose to offer them.
  • European Alignment: In Europe, the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) aids in making RQF qualifications, including those from The Qualification Hub, more readable across member countries.
  • Global Prestige: UK qualifications are globally recognised. In places with mutual recognition agreements for exercise professionals, The Qualification Hub’s certificates are anticipated to gain acceptance.
  • Overseas Employment: Those eyeing employment opportunities abroad can often leverage these qualifications. However, ultimate recognition is subject to each country’s regulations.
  • Additional Resources: Organisations like EuropeActive and ICREPs provide deeper insights into international recognition.

The Qualification Hub’s qualifications are versatile and widely accepted, benefiting from their alignment with key frameworks in the UK and Europe. Their standing often aids professionals seeking opportunities both domestically and overseas.

CCEA Regulation, an autonomous segment of the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland (NI), plays a crucial role in upholding educational standards.

It focuses on the rigorous accreditation of qualifications, ensuring they meet established benchmarks. Beyond initial accreditation, it offers continuous oversight to ensure the enduring quality of these qualifications. Engaging closely with educational entities and examination groups, CCEA Regulation ensures uniform application of regulatory criteria. Its efforts maintain the integrity and international regard of qualifications offered in NI, complemented by its commitment to routinely monitor and refine these standards.

In essence, CCEA Regulation stands as the guardian of the quality and reputation of regulated qualifications in Northern Ireland.

The coursework should be assessed within 14 working days. The Qualification Hub recommends that approved centres promptly relay the results to learners after internal moderation*. Centres have the flexibility to communicate these results either informally (like through a verbal update) or formally (such as via letter or email).

During the centre approval process, the training organisation would have demonstrated to The Qualification Hub that it possesses a comprehensive complaints procedure. If you have concerns, it’s advisable to utilise this established procedure to inform the training organisation about your dissatisfaction regarding the course or the centre itself.

Approved centres have the flexibility in their mode of delivering The Qualification Hub qualifications, provided they adhere to The Qualification Hub’s standards. While some centres opt for traditional face-to-face methods, others offer courses via remote or distance learning. TQH can hep with this process. Additionally, many centres adopt a blended learning approach, merging both face-to-face and remote instruction.