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If you’re looking for a helping hand, our Approvals Team is here for you. Give them a call and they’ll be happy to walk you through our requirements, offering all the support you need to get approval to become a TQH centre.​

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TQH understands that many centers have invested time and effort in creating their own learning resources. We value and appreciate this dedication and do not want to hinder it in any way. However, we do ask that when creating a Centre Devised Material (CDM), centers ensure that it aligns with TQH’s learning outcomes and business objectives. This will ensure that the CDM can be considered for approval. It is important to note that TQH has established partnerships with learning resource providers for all of our qualifications, which are ready to use and can provide valuable support. We encourage centers to utilize these resources and we are always available to assist in any way we can.

We’re excited to help you get started with your new center! Our team will work with you to make sure everything is in order and provide support to ensure your center is up to our quality standards. We’ll review your systems and policies, and offer a quality assurance perspective to help you make sure everything is running smoothly

We value the quality and standards of our centers and want to ensure they are upheld. That’s why we offer regular center visits to provide support and guidance. We will schedule one visit in advance and another as a surprise visit to make sure everything is running smoothly. We’ll bring the coffee, but feel free to put the kettle on as well! We look forward to seeing you soon and working together to maintain the high standards of our centers.

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Policies and Procedures

“Join the team of Approved Centres at The Qualification Hub and experience the excellence of education and standards in qualification delivery, management, and assessment. Adhere to the Centre Approval Application Form and Terms & Conditions and ensure top-notch delivery of The Qualification Hub’s qualifications.
Make sure your tutors, assessors, and quality assurance staff are fully equipped with the right qualifications and skills, as outlined in The Qualification Hub’s policies. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your external verifier with any questions or concerns. Establish a strong quality management system and keep track of your learners’ progress.
The Qualification Hub is here to support you every step of the way. Get access to resources, attend events such as meetings, webinars and eClinics, and receive ongoing advice from your external verifier. Let’s work together to deliver outstanding education experiences for learners.